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Our commitment to advancing our clients' Diversity leadership and team competencies and strategic business goals is not just because it may be the right, or politically correct ("PC"), or "good corporate citizen" thing to do, but also because it is the necessary, bottom-line business survival and growth strategy to pursue to achieve the competitive advantage of being both the "Employer of Choice" and the "Provider of Choice" to an increasingly diverse, domestic and global talent and customer base.

In all our work, we are committed to creating a positive learning and organizational improvement environment that is focused on a constructive, "Where do we go from here?" orientation, rather than a negative, "Who's to blame for the past?" approach. Hence, in addition to dealing with the "more obvious" Diversity issues, based, for example, on gender, race, culture or national origin, we also focus on the "less obvious" Diversity issues that may impact upon many of our clients' associates or customers of all backgrounds, such as religion, personality, disability, age, geography, sexual orientation, marital status, work style, work/family balance, job level, job function, previous employment, military experience, economic status, or education.
  1. "The Ties that Bind" 
    (Similarities between and among, for example, Managers, Employees & Customers), and,
  2. "The Differences that Distinguish" 
    (How every leader and employee has different insights, experiences, or  competencies that could help enrich or add value to the quality of work processes, practices, services and products).

Our Diversity approach is grounded in the belief that prejudices, biases, feelings and assumptions may affect us all in different ways, but are not necessarily our, or anyone else's fault. We had little or no power to change our early acculturation or our society's historical and cultural legacies. However, if inaccurate or unprofessional assumptions or behaviors are based on subtle or overt diversity characteristics while we are at work, we are obligated to be more fair and business objective so that we or others positively, not negatively impact upon: 

  1. Work team productivity
  2. Creativity and Innovation 
  3. Customer service excellence
  4. Recruiting, retaining & utilizing the "best and the brightest" talent
  5. A work climate and system that is fair, respectful and merit-based.
  6. Product and process quality
  7. Ethical Practices and Legal liability
  8. Safety
  9. Public, customer & regulatory agencies' perceptions of integrity
  10. Market share
  11. Shareholder value
  12. The organization's ability to survive and grow in the increasingly diverse and competitive domestic and global marketplace.

a positive and upbeat yet authentic approach; a true commitment to fairness; and, an emphasis on the bottom-line, measurable business skills, impact and organizational development implications of "Business Excellence Through Diversity." Our professional development focus involves partnering with organizational leaders and employees to increase their competencies to both overcome diversity obstacles, and to better leverage the potential value-added benefits of talent and marketplace diversity to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our commitment is both to individual professional improvement and to systemic advances in policies, practices, and work culture.

This approach helps not only to reduce change resistance, backlash, inequities and conflict, but also to promote positive cross-racial, cross-gender, cross-cultural and cross-functional relationships and alliances that are necessary to successfully build and support a readiness for individual and organizational improvement. 

1. "People don't so much resist change, as much as they resist being changed"

We view all program clients not as change resisters but rather as professionals of good will who are committed to internal team excellence and external customer service excellence, and who may simply need additional competencies to more consistently and competently demonstrate those skills. We find that when people are treated as respected partners in this diversity change & improvement process, they will more readily jump on the learning curve because it is the "right thing" as well as the "necessary business thing" to do to advance their organization's strategic goals of being both the "employer of choice" and the "provider of choice". 

In addition, we approach every client leader and employee as "innocent until proven guilty"; as individuals who probably have good intentions and want to do the right thing. Though some of them may not as yet have had important business diversity experiences or achieved the highest levels of business diversity competency, our approach focuses not on holding people accountable for their past skill gaps, but rather for demonstrating diversity-competency from now on.

2. "Diversity is similar to a canary in a coal mine."

In most cases, though some diversity workplace solutions may appear to mainly be responses to "obvious" diversity issues such as race, or gender or national origin, if these solutions are to have a lasting and successful impact on the company, they must also improve the work climate and upgrade business practices & the work climate for everyone, including white, straight, Anglo men. Indeed, the gift of "obvious" diversity in work teams and organizations, reminds us that "less obvious" diversity characteristics can also either undermine or enhance work-team productivity, innovation and job satisfaction, depending on whether and how they are skillfully harnessed.

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