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Executive Coaching
Our confidential, dignified, performance and accountability-based, 1-on-1 executive and manager coaching focus includes dealing with "obvious" and "less obvious" Diversity issues. As well as key leadership people skills, based on a confidential 360 Emotional Intelligence Feedback Process. The spirit and focus is not on blame for the past, but rather on change and accountability from now on.

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"Coaching White Males As Diversity Champions," DiversityInc article

One nationally recognized area of DiversiTeam specialization is in the design and delivery of positive, high-energy, interactive workshops.  These workshops have succeeded in all levels and functions of executives, managers-supervisors and employees. Four of our most requested programs are: 
  • "Business Excellence through Diversity"
  • "Intergender Professionalism & Sexual Harassment Prevention"
  • "Emotional Intelligence Leadership Competencies"
  • "Leveraging High Performing, Innovative, Diverse Work Teams"

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e-Learning Programs

In collaboration with our exclusive technology partners, we have developed customized e-learning programs and products that are web-based, user friendly, engaging and cutting edge in their technology, content, and interactivity. Our programs are self-paced multimedia designed to increase the Diversity awareness, understanding and skills of participants. Our goal is to increase users' abilities to effectively deal with the professional challenges and opportunities of leading, working with and serving diverse internal and external customers and clients.

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Our Train-the-Trainer Program includes the strategic selection of the "right" combination of the client's operational leaders with HR professionals. Initially, professionals participate in one of the beginning pilot programs for participants, and then join their T-T-T colleagues in a customized 3 or 4 day Program.

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Diversity Council Development
After completion of a comprehensive Diversity Strategic Plan, a 2-Day Diversity Council Retreat is offered, with regular sub-group and full group progress and accountability meetings scheduled throughout the subsequent 12 months. The Diversity Council membership would be composed of a "Z-Slice" of the organization, that reflects the "obvious" (i.e. race, gender, national origin) and "less obvious" (i.e. job function, job level, work site, education, work style religion, sexual orientation, disability, age) Diversity dimensions within the organization.

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Our climate assessments are geared to provide leaders with a "big picture view" of the organization as it is perceived by employees. Our assessment may include some of the following: 
  1. Meeting with Client Diversity Strategy Team
  2. Collection, Review & Analysis Of Relevant Materials
  3. One-on-One Individual Interviews
  4. Remote Web-Based Or Keypad Employee Survey
  5. Post-Data Collection, Organization, Review, Analysis & Write-Up
  6. Follow-Up Assessment and Action Recommendations Report
  7. Discussion & Planning Meeting with client to determine next step implementation of assessment report recommendations

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